Billing and Payment

Susan Wiet MD, PLLC is a fee-for service practice and bills for services rendered through Sovegna PLLC. Dr. Wiet is paneled with and accepts Deseret Mutual Benefits Administrators (DMBA) insurance.; copayments and bills for services rendered through Sovegna PLLC.

Payment for appointments is requested and expected at time of service (check-in).  We accept cash, check*, HSA, or charge card for payment of services or DMBA co-payment. A superbill will be provided at time of payment.  Patients may choose to submit their superbills for services rendered to their insurance company. The superbill  contains pertinent procedural and diagnostic information that may be eligible for potential and/or partial reimbursement.  

A valid and active credit card number may be kept on file for convenient or automated payment with your written consent. Such credit card information will  be stored electronically and securely on a merchant platform that is HIPAA-compliant, and that is in compliance with federal regulations. Only the last four digits of the card will be visible.

Targeted therapy sessions booked in a bundle are offered at a reduced rate. Health savings accounts may be used for payment. 

*A returned check fee of $25 will be applied in addition to any cumulative monthly interest charges on account.


We are always happy to reschedule appointments. A 48-hour advance notice is required in order to avoid a late cancellation fee (up to full fee for session).

Other Fees

Phone Calls

Infrequent phone calls limited to less than five minutes will not be billed. Excessive frequency or duration of calls may be subject to fees consistent with office visits. 

Requests for Records

Records that require additional forms completions, summaries, and/or letters may incur fees that are consistent with office visit rates. If a fee is charged, the total amount of time for service will be included on the invoice.